Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our service

Welcome to Counselling West Lothian.

Each of our private counsellors offers professional counselling and psychotherapy services to people across West Lothian.

Clients are provided with an open, warm and non-judgemental space where they can talk openly about issues that are concerning them, helping with the journey to healing.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a practical approach that explores difficult feelings and life events. It helps with many problems that people are facing, by helping build self-awareness and giving you more clarity and understanding of why you are feeling the way you are.

A counsellor will never tell you what to do; instead, they will encourage you to talk about what is bothering you and with collaboration, will help you work towards reconciling your issues or finding ways that will help you cope.

Why counselling?

People sometimes find it easier talking to a stranger than to family or friends.

A counsellor will provide a confidential and safe space to listen without judgement, giving you the time to work on the area of your life that is impacting you. They will encourage you to talk, release emotions, give you time to think, help you to understand yourself and what it is that you need.

Counselling can be challenging and may make you feel uncomfortable at times as you share your deepest and most uncomfortable feelings. However, working together with your counsellor will help guide you to find the answers and what it is that you need to take control of your own life.

We're a social enterprise

Our service has been seeded by the Bridge Community Project in West Lothian.

Bridge Counselling is a successful, affordable counselling service model that supports people on a donation basis. Over the years we have seen the growth of a group of trusted qualified counsellors who have been part of this work and have now set up their own private practice.

Counselling West Lothian provides a home for these counsellors and widens the options available to those seeking talk therapy support.

All profit from Counselling West Lothian flows directly back into the Bridge Counselling Service, enabling it to continue much-needed affordable counselling support for clients across West Lothian.